Custom Home Design Trends

Wood framing on new house under construction

Building a custom home is one of the only ways you can ensure that your house will include everything you have ever wanted. However, figuring out what you need and desire in your home can be difficult. To inspire you, consider some of 2018’s biggest trends in custom home design.

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What Makes a Custom-Built Home Unique


What makes a home unique? The short answer: you. You’re the one who builds meaning and significance into your home. When you’re building a custom home, you have the advantage of putting that unique quality into the foundation and function. Everyone has their own style when it comes to decor, but your custom-built home is…

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Additions You Can Make in a Custom Home


When building a custom home, you want to be sure that you’ve thought of everything. Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms are a given. Most people have a solid idea of what they want and how those rooms will be designed. However, when building your home, you want to take your family’s lifestyle into…

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Safety Tips to Prevent Gas Leaks

Natural gas is an efficient and low-cost energy source that is used for various appliances, from heating to cooktops and more. However, gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, and are responsible for hundreds of injuries every year. Unfortunately, there’s little that you can do to eliminate the possibility of a gas leak. 

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3 Reasons to Consider Custom Built Homes

Building your own home has its pros and its cons. And while you’ve probably heard stories about how stressful building a home can be, the majority of people who take this route never regret it. Because, when it’s all said and done, they have a home that’s specially designed for their lifestyle and their needs.…

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Important Elements of a Well-Designed Custom Home

Building your own custom home is exciting, but it can also be difficult. Creating a house from the ground up gives you the chance to personalize your surroundings, but is usually a long process that involves a lot of planning. Taking advantage of the planning stage and thinking about a few important elements of a…

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The Advantages of Buying Custom Made Homes

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. When looking for a new home, you’ll often have to bend and compromise to adapt your wants and needs to what’s available in the market. But, what if you didn’t have to do that? What if you could create the perfect home on…

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How to Save Money When Building a Custom Home

Building your own custom home can be an exciting adventure, but the expenses can add up. Creating a home from the ground up gives you the opportunity to make your house exactly as you want it, but the cost of hiring several different professionals and the lure of high-end upgrades can bust your budget. Fortunately,…

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5 Things Custom Homes Should Have

Building a custom-made home in Lemont means you get to choose and personalize every, single detail. For many, that means having a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms laid out in a floor plan that works for your lifestyle. However, before designers put the finishing touches on custom built homes in Lemont, there are a few more…

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